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Research Projects in the Past

Research Studies

  1. SHARE-MIND has created SHARE which is a post-Tsunami knowledge resource dealing with Sri Lankan society and South Asia to build a culture of prevention, preparedness, and response.
  2. Macro and Micro Impact of the 2004 Tsunami on Affected Countries and Peoples A Comparative Review of India, Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, and Sri Lanka (report available).
  3. Sustainable Urban Transport and Low Cost Management MIND undertook an initial GEF study on "Sustainable Urban Transport and Low Cost Management" as a part of a major project covering three Asian cities, namely Dhaka, Bangalore and Colombo.
  4. Collaborating with TERI, India on a study of Renewable Energy Policies and Options for Sri Lanka

Research Programming

  1. C3D Phase I

    MIND is among the three institutions identified by UNITAR for the purpose of capacity building on Climate Change and Sustainable development.
    MIND along with other partners ENDA, Senegal and ERC, South Africa is developing training material and organizing capacity building workshops on Sustainable Development and Climate Change adaptation and mitigation programmes.

  2. Evaluation of Dams and Development Project
    This exercise was undertaken through a global survey of responses of the members of the Development of Dams Forum (DDF), which included direct interviews as well as telephone interviews. MIND made some far reaching recommendations in regard to the future of DDP, based on which the a decision has been reached by World Bank to extend the project life span by one more year.

  3. Evaluation of project proposals relating to safe drinking water and technology
    Chairman MIND evaluated 52 projects relating to safe drinking water. The project was sponsored by the UNDP unit for Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC), Third World Academy of Sciences TWAS, of which Chairman MIND is the Chancellor, Third World Network of Scientific Organisations (TWNSO) and World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

  4. "Power Sector Poverty Linkages" - World Bank Study
    This study analysed the impact of electricity sector and reform on consumers.

  5. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Ma) Dissemination Meeting
    4 th May 2005 at SLAAS Auditorium
    Disseminate the path breaking results of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), released in major world capitals including New York, London, Delhi and Beijing. The work was carried out for UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, by 1300 leading experts from 95 countries, over a 5 year period, to assess how ecosystem degradation would affect the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDG) agreed in 2000

Teaching & Training


Findings of the IPCC Third Assessment Report and the relevance to Climate Strategy in Sri Lanka (Report available)

3rd January 2002
HARTI, 114, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Sustainable Energy and Transport Policy Options for Sri Lanka
(Report available)

1st March 2002

Hotel Renuka, 328 Galle Road, 
Colombo 03

Workshop on IPCC - TAR and Climate Change Research for Sustainable Development (Proceedings published)

4th & 5th June 2002 Ceylon Continental Hotel, Colombo 01.

Expert Consultation on Policy Priorities for Sustainable Development (Report available)

14th August 2002

Ceylon Continental Hotel, Colombo 01

Expert Consultation on "Policy Priorities for Sustainable Transport (Report available)

14th September 2002 Hotel Renuka, Colombo 03.

IPCC Expert Consultation on Climate Change and Sustainable evelopment (Proceedings published)

5th -7th March 2003 Trans Asia Hotel, Colombo 2

Expert meeting on "Disaster Vulnerability, and Sustainable Environmental Management Policies" (Report available)

14th July 2003 HARTI, Wijerama Mw, Colombo7

Workshop on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
(Report available)

8-9 June 2004 HARTI, Colombo 7

Peoples' Consultative Meeting on "Disaster Management and Prevention in Sri Lanka"
(Report available)

6th January 2005 HARTI, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7

International Training Workshop on 'Capacity Building for Climate Change and Sustainable Development'
(Report available)

30th May to 2nd June 2005 Trans Asia Hotel, Colombo
2nd International conference on sustainable hazard reduction - rehabilitation, reconstruction and long-term development (report available)
11-12 January 2006 SLFI
National w/shop on sustainable hazard reduction and disaster management (report available)
13-14 June 2006 SLFI
Workshop on Integrating Coastal Community
Resilience into National and Sectoral
Institutions and Policies
22 February 2007 HARTI

Integrating and implementing
S&T policy and projects
within thenational sustainable
development strategy

30 August 2007 SLFI



To increase awareness among young scholars on the issues of SD, MIND grants annual scholarships to undergraduates in Sri Lankan universities .

1st Batch of Scholars - Sept 2001- Aug 2002
U/Colombo - Faculty of Arts  

 Ms WMS Wijekoon
Ms K Don V Priyadarshani
Ms MRN Perera
Mr WWSP Fernando

2nd batch of scholars - September 2002-Aug 2003
U/Colombo Ms Budhika P Herath
Faculty of Arts Ms Chamila T Danthanarayana
Ms K M Perera
Mr H A C Perera
Mr P M M Achintha
U/Moratuwa Mr B A D Sujeewa Wimalasena
3rd batch of scholars - September 2003-Aug 2004
U/Colombo Ms SBN Ransirini Bandusena
Faculty of Arts Ms EAT Sandamali Edirisinghe
Ms DS Pramuditha Madurawala
Ms MKGamindi Peiris
Ms TPG Nilanthi Alwis
Mr SKB Herath
Mr Seevaratnam Jagandan
U/Moratuwa Mr DM Prasanna B Dasanayake
4th batch of scholars - September 2004-Aug 2005
U/Colombo Ms Dilani Hirimuthugodage
Faculty of Arts Ms Amaratunga V Thilanka Dilruwani
Mr Akila D Kumarasiri
Mr Romesh T Sooriyaarachchi
Mr K Sharlom M Perera
Mr. Dilan C Paranagama
Ms Rasika V. Jayatillake
Faculty of Science Mr L Chanaka de Silva
5th batch of scholars - September 2005-Aug 2006
U/Colombo Ms T Nagasinghe
Faculty of Arts Ms I G C Priyadarshani
Ms L D L Priyangika
Mr H D B J Dasanayake
Faculty of Science Ms C D Jayasinghe

Mr M W M N K K Senanayaka
Mr S A D C Wimalachandra

U/Sri Jayawardenapura Ms C D Geeganage
Mr L A M C Amarasekera
6th Batch of Scholars - September 2006-Aug 2007
University of Colombo Mr HNCP Kumara
Faculty of Arts Ms KWD Gunarathne
Mr WDS Rubunusiri
Ms RKMPP Handakumbura
Ms HAA Priyadarshani
Faculty of Science Ms KMCP Seneviratne
University of Moratuwa Mr DSRTN Gunawardana
Mr V Prahalathan
University of SJP Mr SA Vanniarachchy
Ms GDS Priyadarshika
7th batch of scholars - September 2007-Aug 2008
University of Colombo Ms D. Dulanii Liyanahetti
Faculty of Arts Ms PH Samarasinghe
Ms IR Wedage
Ms HN Ranatunga
Ms SVC De Silva
Ms DT Dhanawalavithana
Ms MR Ambalangodage
Ms GAS Perera
Faculty of Science Ms WVT De Silva
University of Moratuwa Mr ULAJD Perera
Mr PKS Jayathurathnage
Mr NNS Yapage
University of SJP Ms DN Jayawardena


MIND awards research fellowships to post-graduate students. Several awards have been made already to Masters and PhD candidates from leading universities around the world.

Study area
Ms Risa Morimoto

University of Cambridge, St Edmund's College, UK


PhD in Environmental Management

PhD research :SED: assessing the econmic, social and environmental implications of hydropower projects in Sri Lanka

July-Sept 2000
Mr Yaw Afrane-Okese

University of Cape Town, Energy & Development Research Centre, South Africa

Ph.D thesis proposal: Developing Sustainable strategies for energy use in urban households in Southern Africa: case study of Botswana
July 10 - Sept 26, 2001
Mr Niggol Seo

Yale's Environment School
New Haven, USA

Aug 16 - Sept 16 th 2002
Mr Menzie McEachern

Clark University
Worcester, MA, USA

Doctoral student in Geography - Renewable energy development and policy, innovation diffusion, quantitative methods, systems and agent-based modeling, activity theory, social capital and organisational
Oct 23, 2003
Ms Akiko Yamane

Monash University

Ph.D. in environmental studies
Robin White
The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
Tufts University
MA thesis
14 May-29 Aug'04
Harald Winkler
University of Cape Town
South African
Consolidation of PhD thesis: Sustainable Energy Development Paths for the South African Power Sector: An Analysis of the Economic Viability of Future Scenarios
26 June-5 Aug'05
Golam Mathbor
Monmouth University
Building social capital for sustainable disaster relief an management
25 May - 24 June'06

Book Donations

Books on energy, economics, environment, sustainable development, telecommunications, transport, and water donated to university libraries in Colombo, Kelaniya, Moratuwa, Peradeniya, Ruhuna, and Sri Jayawardenepura.

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